Refactored Networks provides software and services that help companies understand and apply the disruptive capabilities of emerging EPC Network standards.

Our services include:

  • Seminars on emerging RFID and EPC related topics. Our goal is to help companies understand the maze of standards and technologies in a vendor neutral way.
  • Consulting services to help optimize existing business processes such as increasing the visibility of in transit inventory and more responsive replenishment cycles,
  • Business process re-engineering services to help create new and disruptive business models such as virtual warehouses, multiplexed product catalogs, and customer inclusive R&D through collaberative asset tracking.
Our software products also fall into three categories:
  • Open Source implementations of EPCglobal Network tools and components,
  • proprietary, standalone applications that solve specific use cases (e.g. track and trace, chain of custody, etc), and
  • horizontal enhancements to existing platforms such as QuickBooks plugins

Refactored Networks believes in the power of the Internet and in the power of small business. By bringing supply chain standards to the Internet we believe that small businesses can be empowered to innovate in the same way that Wal-Mart has been able to over the past 20 years. Innovation that includes the customer in the business process on their terms, that brings the supply chain behind the manufacturer more fully into the decision making process, that allows the entire value network to improve efficiency by moving the point of manufacture as close as possible to the point of sale.

This is a very disruptive process. And it is Refactored Networks that can help you be the disruptor instead of the disrupted.

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