Refactored Networks offers consulting and software as standalone products or as integrated solutions:

Consulting Services

  • EPCglobal Network Education Program
    This program helps companies with the emerging data exchange and network infrastructure standards that make the most interesting RFID use cases possible. In many cases those standards are still being developed so it is difficult for a company to find the authoritative help it needs to navigate the rumors, press reports, and sales pitches. The first step in this program is attending one of our Insight seminars.
  • Business Process Optimization Program
    This is where Refactored Networks helps analyze your existing business processes to determine how RFID and the EPCglobal Network can optimize them. This includes helping the customer flow their existing internal and external business processes, analyze choke points and determine where existing, possibly EDI-based, data exchange system can be upgraded. This includes product information management (PIM), internal asset tracking, shorter, more responsive replenishment cycles, etc.
  • Value Network Refactorization Program
    Representing the entire range of Refactored Network's services, this program is helps the customer can learn how the EPCglobal Network and the Internet can be used to disruptively innovate in their market. These include extending company processes to include customers, moving customization capabilities as far back into the manufacturing process as possible, dynamic outsourcing, etc. This program requires significant buy in from management since the outcome can possibly include completely altering the companies business model.


  • Open Source Tools
    Refactored Networks believes in the power of Open Source software. Without it the costs of building out the EPCglobal Network are to great. This is why the company has committed to distributing running code that implements tools and components necessary to interact with the EPCglobal Network. The first release of our toolkit will be on January 15th, 2005.
  • Single Task Applications
    Built on top of those components are several task oriented applications that integrate the necessary components in the correct way in order to realize a particular application. Examples include Track and Trace, Inventory Visibility, Chain of Custody, and Product Data Publication. The first of these applications will be available Q2 2005.
  • Platforms
    Working with other application platform vendors, Refactored Networks will be bundling and deepling integrating the above components and applications into various ERP-like platforms. This will includes QuickBooks and Peachtree Accounting plugins. These applications will become available in Q3 of 2005.